Join Nordstrom Trunk Club

Join Nordstrom Trunk Club

Ok ya’ll, I’m coming to you with yet another amazing discovery. Before I jump in, let me first throw out the disclaimer that I am still a HUGE fan of my monthly Stitch Fix shipments. They are great for your everyday pieces for leisure, and sometimes work. But seeing that most of my faithful readers/subscribers are business professionals, I thought I would seek out an alternate personal styling solution that can help to build your work wardrobe, business casual pieces for work or play, and maybe a few dressier items for those special occasions!

Let’s start with some background information. This discovery was totally somewhat accidental. Last year I was at work and visiting with a co-worker in our design department. I work for a packaging company and we have been super fortunate to land some pretty amazing accounts: Disney, UPS, Amazon, RueLaLa, Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Zappos…..just to name a few. So typically, I see all of the latest and greatest packaging for all of these companies before everyone else does. So as I walked into my co-workers office, I noticed he had a really cool design pulled up on his computer. I then proceeded to ask which company it was for, and he immediately lit up with excitement and proceeded to bring me up to speed.

Now let me introduce you to Trunk Club!

Trunk Club is a premium personal styling company. It operates on the same principles as Stitch Fix, but the main differences are

  • All of the items sent to you from Trunk Club are all from Nordstrom, therefore they are more quality, high-end brands
  • Unlike Stitch Fix where you receive only 5 items at a time, with Trunk Club you can receive up to 14 items with each trunk/shipment
  • They offer a huge variety of items: pants, tops, belts, shoes, bags, and other accessories
  • The best part about Trunk Club is you have 5 days to keep your trunk and decide which items you would like to keep and which to return

Here’s how it works:

Sign Up to Meet Your Stylist: Once you complete your style survey, you’ll be connected with a real person who will find the best clothes for your size, style, and preferences. You can share your Pinterest boards with them, or even just tell them exactly what you want

Preview Your Trunk BEFORE it Ships: Your stylist will handpick a selection of clothing and send you a preview online. After you review the items, your trunk will be shipped straight to your door via UPS.  You can pick items that you like and dont like and even have them ‘restyle’ for you. Once you decide on the item for your trunk, they will charge you a $20 styling fee. This styling fee goes towards the cost of any items you decide to keep! 🙂

Pay Only for the Clothes You Keep: Take 5 days to try everything on, and then keep what you like and send the rest back. Shipping is free both ways, and you can request a new trunk anytime you’d like. (There is no minimum purchase)

Check out what I received in this months trunk after selecting from my preview:



I have my favorites, but I need your help in deciding which ones to keep!!  I’ve got my eye on the Chelsea28 Ruffle top, the S/S Romper, and the Avigail Shift Dress.  Decisions, Decisions!  If you want to shop these looks, CLICK HERE.  Or better yet, if you want to Join Trunk Club and try out the personal styling service for yourself, CLICK HERE! I promise you will not be disappointed!

Happy Shopping Friends!


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